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“I believe each of us has a voice, a message from what we’ve learned and experienced, knowledge and wisdom, our natural born life purpose we’ve been gifted. It doesn’t matter our age; we all have a genius to be honored, nurtured and lived. Harmony with ourselves, our loved ones, community and world all begins at home, living in the flow of life. This is the foundation from which all rises. I know it’s not always easy but I believe in you, your children, your family and your mission. My job is to draw out your authenticity and life purpose, help you and your children navigate everyday life and rise to your potential so you can fulfill your life purpose and in the process love more, live more and learn more.” -Donna Vail



Donna’s teachings and coaching helps women and families find their authenticity and voice, live daily as the person they truly want to be, create a lifestyle of learning and personal achievement, establish education excellence for their children, and create goals that honor soul desires including the family as a whole; turning dreams into a reality. She calls it a “lifestyle of true freedom” that makes all the difference in the world when it comes to home-education, entrepreneurship and living creatively.

However in today’s world life is busy, stressful and demanding. We’re trained to keep moving, work hard, play harder, don’t daydream, be happy never sad, achieve more, acquire more and keep consuming more and more. We’re faced with so much information at the tip of our fingers we can easily get lost, confused and disconnected from that which is most meaningful or even be able to find the path to where we want to go and what we want to do. It’s easy to make the mistake you have to figure it out and do it all on your own but the most successful never gain great achievement alone; they always have help and guidance.


Donna Relates to Families So Well

Donna relates to families so well because she’s been in your shoes as she was navigating, trying to balance working-from-home and getting started with homeschooling back in 1995, what she calls “the dark ages”, before there was Google. Finding information back then was challenging whereas now parents face the opposite problems with too much information and too many options. She’s narrowed it down so you don’t have to do all the searching, researching, trial and errors. She offers a safe and nurturing environment where you can receive the learning, tools and techniques to find your connection to purposeful living while also being the parent you want to be.

Learn how to home educate your children more simply and effectively, pursue your work and purpose, daily getting back to that which is most meaningful. Whether you simply want to homeschool and have time for hobbies, enjoying your every day or if you want to balance working while homeschooling your children, Donna brings it all to you through her guidance.

It’s time to slow down to the speed of nature, where everything gets done and nothing is left undone. Whether it’s home education, parenting or personal development; with Donna Vail life becomes an inspiring journey.


Purposeful Education, Harmonious Family Living and Personal Development

Donna Vail is devoted to a family-centered learning philosophy that inspires parents to live extraordinary lives while empowering their children through self-education and customized learning. Donna is a constant student and driven to continually research and develop new ways to support and nurture children. As a life-long student, she’s always pursued purposeful education, harmonious family living, and personal development.

Home educating her 6 children now for 20 years, her older children are moving onto higher education, the younger ones still at home; Donna continues helping parents around the world achieve success in their personal development and home education through her writing, speaking, workshops and private consults.

As a seasoned writer and mentor, she shares her lifetime of experience and expertise through her articles, workshops and personal coaching to parents around the world, how you can have it all –family, home education, career, happiness, peace, and balance.


What Sets Donna Apart

Donna has developed an open-system, An Inspired Education, using the highest quality, proven resources that foster natural curiosities and inspires a love of learning in your homeschool. A well-organized plan ensures each child get a customized education according to his unique needs and naturally born purpose.

It doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated to nurture children towards academic excellence, considering their needs as a whole being, living a lifestyle of learning and all this can be done while parents advance their own profession and/or entrepreneurial pursuits. She uses time-tested academia, complemented with nurturing practices from education and purposeful living icons such as Maria Montessori, Charlotte Mason, Joseph Steiner, Swami Kriyananda, Dr. John Demartini, John Saxon, and Dr. Art Robinson.

Her clients are from around the world and range from professionals and entrepreneurs to stay-at-home moms and teachers; single child families to families with many children. She works with families who have special needs and those who struggle with children who are creative, tending to be labeled with ADD.

As former Voice America radio host, Donna interviewed top experts such as Dr. John Demartini and John Taylor Gatto. Speaker in Movement of Change with Neal Donald Walsch. She’s a regular contributor for Homeschool Handbook Magazine, Well-Trained Mind, Home Education Council of America, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Dr. Mommy Online and other online portals where she shares her expertise in education, parenting, and personal development.

Her inspiring and down-to-earth style make her a sought-after expert on living the life you desire, how to work while also home educating, conscious parenting, relationships, personal and professional success while also discovering and living your life purpose.


Donna’s Programs Include

Donna is the creator and developer of personal and educational development programs including Living Life on Purpose, More for Mom Life Mastery Academy, An Inspired Education Home Education curriculum and An Inspired Education Inner Circle Home Education Support Program where she shares her expert advice helping other parents, educators and entrepreneurs create even greater clarity, success, and more balanced lives.

Donna grew up in the Texas Hill Country and credits the countless hours spent with her grandmother who encouraged her towards living her purpose through a lifestyle of learning. Donna lives in North Texas with her family. Her personal interests include reading, learning, family, art, nature study, health and fitness, travel and living an inspired life.

Don’t leave your own dreams on the sidelines in order to raise your family. This leaves you at a loss of purpose, power, and influence. It’s the mom who works towards her life purpose daily making it possible to empower her children and family to greater levels of success.

Learn how to use my step-by-step methods to live your life purpose, create family harmony, home educate your children with a balance of work, education, and life that’s right for you and your family.


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