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Posted by Donna Vail on November 12, 2015  /   Posted in Academics, Learn More
8 Steps to Get Real About Your Homeschool

Get Real About Your Homeschool

When we begin homeschooling we have a lot of ideals in our mind about how we want it to go. Then once we take the leap of faith it's a marathon to keep up with all the opportunities and many late nights spent sifting through virtual piles of information. We're always trying to find that one way that will work, the ideal curriculum.

Maybe the day doesn't go as planned, you've run into challenges with one of your children (or more) then you may run into the naysayers of homeschooling. Some days you wonder if you'll ever get it right or if you should quit, or worse, you slip into inaction and take a prolonged break from academics, drifting and not realizing the importance of incremental learning only to panic when it's time to fill high school credits or your child comes to you announcing she's decided to be a musician for a livelihood and wants to go to Juliard or a engineer/scientist needing a serious foundation in math.

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Customized Targeted Learning

Posted by Donna Vail on August 13, 2015  /   Posted in Academics, Learn More
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Customized Targeted Learning

Asking a child “what do you want to learn” is like asking an adult “how are you going to change your life so you can live your dreams?” It can be ambiguous. While ideas might come up when asked this question, it can feel overwhelming without a clear path to the answer.

As your child’s parent, mentor and guide it’s your responsibility to understand their highest values, be able to communicate in their language and operate from a place of partnership. This is where the needs of the child are revealed, through every day living and intuitive parenting. All parents have intuitive connections with their children, you have that knowing that comes up that something is wrong or something needs to change because their needs are not being met. Or you can feel them struggling or needing more of something. You don’t have to have expensive curriculum packages, a schedule weighted down with community classes or piles of worksheets and assignments to plow through. Your inspiring learning environment is the perfect place to nurture your children to learning and living inspired.

It’s extremely important to me today to provide children with academia that will stand the test of time however I also know that what has been done in schools and then repeated in many homes is not what will stand the test of time. It’s the practices of the Greats, a core of knowledge that allows the child to advance in whatever the future demands as well as a creativity and willingness to explore to find new solutions, knowledge and skills.

What I’m talking about is a system I’ve created for home educators called Customized Targeted Learning. It’s a system that is flexible so that it can be used by the most strict and high achiever while also customized for the free spirits who want a firm foundation and benefiting from fulfilling the need for more exploration. Yes, completely customizable because no two children are the same and no two families are the same.

Customized Targeted Learning brings your child’s learning to be more aligned with him while also creating the practice of lifelong learning. As your child is growing up he’s working on his core learning, which is the center of the target. In that core learning there comes practices or skills that must be developed which moves out to the next ring on the target. As he’s naturally learning, exploration is the next ring on the target. This is where special interests come in as well as subjects that are explored to greater depth depending on the child’s highest values.

The beauty of this system is that the learning does not end at noon or 3pm when home education studies are done for the day but rather continues 24/7 and for a lifetime. We all should be learning and growing constantly because that’s what keeps us alive, engaged and productive. So this system also helps parents balance out in their own studies and life pursuits. In our own advancement we have to seek core knowledge, build skills and explore new horizons, ideas and get creative. This is a success habit that the most successful use in any business or philanthropic venture. Now you can have a peace of mind that you are covering it all with Customized Targeted Learning and so the habit continues to be carried into all areas of life.

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Doubts or Inspiration, You Choose

Posted by Donna Vail on August 07, 2015  /   Posted in Academics, Learn More, Love More
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Doubts or Inspiration, You Choose

I began home educating my children in the Dark Ages. No there were no knights on horses battling with swords but it was a time that we all did our academics away from the world, in the privacy of our homes, usually with the drapes drawn. There were no curriculum fairs, local stores with a homeschool section, people didn’t openly share their homeschool practices and Google wouldn’t appear for another three years. While it was perfectly legal, it was definitely not socially acceptable. But we did it anyway.

Carrying on the wisdom of the ages is not something widely supported or collectively acceptable but if you look all through history and those currently making a real difference in the world, none of them entertained collective practices but rather selective choices. Greatness in yourself and your children is not for the faint of heart. You are being called to step up into living by inspiration both for yourself as well as your children. If you want them to elevate to greatness, you’re going to have to as well to be able to empower them to their greatness. And that’s the beauty of home education; it’s for the whole family to rise up, live inspired and make a real difference in the world.

Don’t be carried away with your doubts about being able to give your children the education they need or be able to bring them up into the life they are meant to live. Some people voice loudly, “I don’t think I can do this,” some even louder, “I could never do that,” “I don’t have what it takes,” then rolls in the “I’m not good enough, smart enough, have enough…”

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How to Create a Strong Foundation for the Long-Term Success of Your Homeschool and Life

Posted by Donna Vail on July 18, 2015  /   Posted in Events, Learn More, Work Life Balance
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Mediterranean fence in Cala Fornells MallorcaDon't miss this informative and supportive

How to Create a Strong Foundation for the Long-Term Success of your Homeschool and Life

Video Workshop on:


Learn in this Live Workshop and Get Your Questions Answered in Q&A with Donna Vail

Tuesday, July 21 @ 8PM EDT | Burnout Prevention for Homeschool Moms

Tuesday, July 28 @ 8PM EDT | Throw Out the Stressful Schedules and Get Into a Family Rhythm

Tuesday, August @ 8PM EDT | Customized Targeted Learning Covers It All

Only $20 to Join all Three Trainings - Reserve Your Spot Now

In homeschooling our children, so much focus is placed on what curriculum to use and how to teach them everything they need but this is just skimming the surface. With a short sighted focus such as this, we can be left with burnout, schedules that irritate already stressful relationships and that dreaded constant nagging worry, "Am I doing enough? Will they have what they need?"

Then we're met with all the other moms that keep up the pace and accept all the stress as part of the bargain, so you think you should as well. But do they really keep up the pace? And what about all the pain and anguish they're not telling you? Are you showing up but deep down inside you're stressed, lonely, wanting to care for yourself, do right by your children and find freedom from the worry and guilt?

I know because I've stood in that very spot before, actually several times . I've been right where you are. Deeply convicted but just can't seem to bring it all into a flow that lasts. The only difference between you and me is that I've found the way out and discovered it doesn't have to be stressful, lonely or riddled with worry and guilt. I work with moms all the time in this very spot; lonely, stressed and wanting to be the best mom for their children. I've helped them transform their life into the life they love to live.

“I loved every minute of working with Donna and in her training modules. As a result of working with Donna, I am much calmer. I feel that my children and I will be able to live our dreams of homeschooling. I feel that they will be well equipped, if not more equipped, for their lives as adults.” -Tina Brown, mom of 2, Utah

Join me for this full training in the top three areas that will transform you and your homeschool in a way that creates a strong foundation for the long-term success of your homeschool. In the process, it will spill over into all areas of your personal and professional lives as a family. I look forward to serving you and seeing you flourish.



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Why You Must Believe in Yourself and Your Homeschool

Posted by Donna Vail on May 18, 2015  /   Posted in Conscious Parenting, Inspiration, Learn More, My Life
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Superhero kidsI can remember homeschooling in the early years trying to do everything right, not really knowing if I was doing it right. I followed inspiration, connected with experts who had homeschooled their children already and I kept myself immersed in anything I could get my hands on. This was back in the early ninety’s when homeschooling was trying to emerge from underground. There was no Google and how-to books were few and far between. But I didn’t let that stop me.

My friends and family didn’t understand the changes I was making in my life and the choices we made as a family. I had my mind set on providing the best education I could for my children and I didn’t look back. I’m proud I was able to stand the test of time.

There are so many unknowns that come to us in the day to day of raising our children and then homeschooling them on top of that. Coupled with anything else you are responsible to do or outside work and commitments; it takes all you’ve got and then some. Little did you know that when you signed up parenting and then homeschooling it's really the ultimate personal development training for the whole family.
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Allow Your Children to Learn Naturally

Posted by Donna Vail on February 07, 2015  /   Posted in Academics, Learn More
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smiling girl writes on her notebookSelf-Education is all about aligning with the needs of the student. You don’t have to be at a specific grade level, ability or skill; it’s all developed as you self-educate. You begin from right where you stand. The key for us as parents is getting out of the way enough to allow our children to naturally learn.

I’ve found the easiest way to do this is by becoming a student ourselves, creating a parent partnership and taking it step by step. Remember, your responsibility is to provide, guide and step aside. As you sit with them and I mean really get to know them you will be inspired with how to align with their needs. Opportunities will arise that naturally flow in our lives to help us grow to our highest good. Begin reflecting on ways you’ve seen your children dive into something they are wildly interested in. They didn’t wait to be told how to do it or what’s right or wrong, they just followed the path of discovery.

I’ve seen my son run around outside catching lizards, looking at their every detail, observing how they live, looking in field guides about specifics, drawing and noting what he was capturing. I’ve watched my daughter from a very young age write stories and mini books as she would call them, even before I began any formal required writing only to bloom into a teenager who’s written three books now. I watch my son take things apart and build things, explaining to me in depth about physics and mechanics even though he is nowhere near the level of study for this. My youngest will sit and draw for hours showing me the great details of all she sees. They are already self-educating, I don’t have to force anything on them, they learn naturally.
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