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Parenting, Homeschooling and Weight Loss

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I went through a period of time in my life when my health wasn't so well and I was over weight. I got so stressed about how much weight I had gained, I stopped getting on the scale when I reached the 200 pound mark. I know I gained some after that.

Thankfully I met a very vibrant and gracious woman who told me I should meet the man who helped her cure her breast cancer. I knew that if he helped her with something as serious and advanced as cancer, he could easily help me with weight, allergies and nagging health issues. I was also concerned because I had high blood pressure during the birth of my second child and now pregnant with my third; I wanted to have an uncomplicated home birth.

During my first trimester I met with Verne Varona and he got me on track immediately. In fact now when I look at this picture, I'm amazed because that was just a year after meeting Verne. My little Lauren was born in March 1998, after having met Verne in the September prior and this picture is in following August 1998. I didn't use any fad diets, drinks, or pills and did it while raising my first two children, pregnant, homeschooling, being a housewife and all of life demands. The biggest key was having Verne's expert guidance, accountability and support. Everyone should have someone to help guide them through the process.

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Do What You Love Mommy

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mothers dayAs a busy mom with a busy family, moms can sometimes be the last to get their refill on energy, have space to think and time to be still, eat a warm meal, or have a break between fixing things, solving other peoples issues, and cleaning up messes. When our day begins, our feet hit the floor running. I myself am one to keep going all day until time to tuck myself.

I think mom's middle name is give, it's just what we do because we wouldn't have it any other way. We love and are grateful for our families beyond measure. But unfortunately if we let ourselves go too long, always giving and never receiving, we become out of balance. I used to be very nervous about such talk of receiving more. In fact, any attention on me or special occasions were difficult to receive without feeling like I should be doing the work. I had all kinds of justifications and beliefs to support myself always giving and never receiving. Letting myself be the one is who always up all night, doing it all, being there for everyone, serving everyone else first, eating lukewarm meals, basically trying to be super mom but never admitting it because it's not super, it's just what I do.

Then I ran out. I crashed. I burned. I almost died. It was cumulative over the years. Even though I had taught my children to help and my husband and I did a lot of partnering, I still sacrificed myself to everyone else. In my mind there was no way I could take for myself. I was simply unwilling to fully receive.
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Create Balance with a Family Rhythm

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happy young family have fun on beachIt feels good to be getting into the flow of the New Year. With a few weeks under my belt I've felt the need to adjust some days while others flowed very well. I would have to say the key elements to propel forward with inspiring days are

  • Clarity
  • Highest Values Integration
  • Commitment and Consistency

It also doesn't hurt that I have three people I'm accountable to so I am held to my practices and productivity. Don't forget about accountability --it's king!

One of the basic tools I use to get the flow with living and learning is my family rhythm. I've chucked the schedule to be in flow with the natural family rhythm that otherwise so many times in the past we pressed against experiencing pressure and stress.

This Saturday I'm going to be speaking on this very thing, How to Create a Family Rhythm and I sure hope that you can come.
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Happy Thanksgiving From Our House to Yours

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Autumn Appalachian Trail Foggy Nature Blue Ridge Fall FoliageToday we have great celebrations in our home, both the Thanksgiving holiday with our loved ones as well as my husband's birthday, which this year falls on Thanksgiving day.

It took several days of planning, preparation and long hours of cooking yet through it all I found myself diving into deep thoughts like "I am purposeful and present for my family."  And so this becomes my mantra, grounding me to be fully present and purposeful for and with my family.

Through it all I'm noticing and paying attention to the family dynamics, how truly balanced we are together, even when it doesn't seem so. In between the demands of coordinating and moments where stress could have easily taken over we have to stay focused on the unity of love and abundance.

As the holiday passes we are still left with the opportunity to practice this continued gratitude in all we do as well as share it with others. It's the way we live and the way we love.

I am especially grateful to be here with you and even though this year has been quite a challenge for me and my health, it has brought so much new light and love to my life so I am now able to be more on purpose and see it all as love.

I care so deeply for people, it is my magnum opus to serve your highest good. There's so much goodness. So much to be grateful for. So much to look forward to. Let's learn and grow together!

I truly wish you a very blessed Thanksgiving that is filled with an abundance of gratitude, love and priceless moments with your loved ones; from our house to yours.
Peace and love,





Let True Freedom Ring

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July4thFireworksToday we celebrate the 4th of July in the States. While we will have our cookouts, swimming, and fun with family and friends, it's also important to be ever mindful about our freedom and the work each one of us has to do on a daily basis to maintain it. It's not only about what happens with the people who serve the country in the military but what each one of us does every day in the comfort of our homes as we work, raise our families and move throughout the day.

We must at all times stay inspired to love more, live more and learn more. The relationships that we build and the unconditional love we share (or don't share) in our home doesn't stop there. It reverberates out into the world now and through the generations. Love is the most important ingredient that can make the difference in what is lived and learned.

Next, it takes a lot of living by being conscious with all that we do, always improving ourselves and seeking to experience more that expands our love and understanding. And it is when you love more and live more that you will learn more. Most importantly but not only reading, also listening to audios, letting go of what no longer serves you, aligning with your highest values and learning from others as well as your experiences. This is living inspired. This is living true freedom.

What will you do today to create the lifestyle of true freedom you desire? While you are having fun and spending time with your loved ones today think about this. Get your plan in motion.

Creating the lifestyle of true freedom for you and your family will be one of the most important things you ever do in life. Don't let it pass you by. Today as well as every day counts. What we do in our home reverberates out into the community, the state, the country and ultimately the world. Take care of you and your family, and in doing so you are taking care of the world. Let freedom ring around the world.

What does the lifestyle of true freedom look like to you? Please share your thoughts on this by leaving a comment below.

If you're serious and want guidance and coaching through the process, getting you there faster, email me at None of us do it alone. Get started today.

Stay inspired to love more, live more and learn more!

Peace and love,


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Donna’s Homeschool Day in the Life (with 17, 14, 12, 9 and 5 year-old)

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 Vail Family (3 of 4)

Donna’s Homeschool Day in the Life (with 17, 14, 12, 9 and 5 year-old)

When I first began homeschooling in 1995 with my oldest, now in college, I had a strict routine loaded down with curriculum and seemingly burdensome deadlines to meet. Like many new to homeschooling, I did all I knew to do and that was to structure my homeschool based on the public school model I grew up with. I was bold and determined and it only took two and a half years until me and the kids experienced homeschool burnout.  I knew that homeschooling couldn’t be this maddening for everyone so I took time off to explore different paths. After reading and researching I discovered self-education and An Inspired Education was born.

We’ve evolved a lot since our early days of strict schedules and mountains of curriculum and now follow a family rhythm. With the birth of each new child I’ve learned to expand time, be more flexible and simply allow. This greatly reduces stress. Trying to “fit it all in” and always pushing the children to what’s next is not only stressful for mom but also the children. I want my children to remember the freedom they grew up with exploring and following their curiosity, having plenty of fun and adventure where they could and honing in on their life mission, focusing on their highest values.

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Our family rhythm is set up in quadrants and time blocks that are sliding. This is where I create flexibility. Caring for a child’s need or character takes precedence over what time it is and what we “should” be doing. For the most part though, our family rhythm flows steady and we are constantly learning and growing. Read More

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