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Posted by Donna Vail on November 25, 2016  /   Posted in Academics, Conscious Parenting, Learn More, Live More, Love More, Work Life Balance


It's that time of year again when we wrap up our Thanksgiving and start looking to the holidays then the New Year. I know you're going to be busy with the holidays coming up but while you're busy with that, thoughts will be flowing about getting a strong start back Read More

Gratitude Expands This Thanksgiving

Posted by Donna Vail on November 23, 2016  /   Posted in Inspiration, Live More, My Life

"Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you and to give thanks continuously and because all things have contributed to your advancement you should include all things in your gratitude." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Gratitude is a continual practice but what happens this week, during Thanksgiving holiday, is an expansion when our families and friends all come together to celebrate.

Sometimes it can be challenging to be grateful when we're faced with what we don't feel so grateful, however, we must count it all as on the way and a blessing because it all contributes to our individual and collective advancements.

We can experience what we claim to be pitfalls, stress, "bad things," or so much that seems to limit us or be in our way but I bid you, take a closer examination. As it turns out, it was all helping you be on your way.

  • When we get delayed and run late stressing, it may be preventing us from something far worse or be in perfect timing because where we're headed for our appointment, well, they're running late too. So when you get there, you're actually in perfect timing. (I love when this synchronicity happens and then I don't have to sit and wait as long. It feels good, like you're all magically connected in time.)
  • When you get called out on your work it turns out the challenge helped you learn and be even better than ever before. Now you're making more progress than you first anticipated. (This happened to me when I went in front of a group of entrepreneurs with my goal plan. They flipped my plan saying it would be more advantageous for me to begin with what I had at the end first. I panicked but then I found how to do it in a much easier way. And I got help as well, double win!)
  • When you schedule out everything yet you still can't seem to find flow and end up more stressed than ever, it turns out it was a calling for more people to pitch in and help, which now means you're never doing it alone again. (This is how we keep life moving in a big family on an everyday basis. Teamwork and delegation.)
  • A child who challenges you on all fronts of your parenting helps you become more loving and present to honoring others, now causing you to learn how to have deeper richer relationships. (This is my toughest child who really calls me out but has caused me to grow the most. I am grateful to tears for this child.)
  • A health challenge that has you in more weak spots than you're comfortable with but then you realize, getting ill gave you the healing you needed to be better, stronger, and sharper than ever. (I've been through several health challenges. I know it's not fun but it raises you up in ways you may have never tried to step up to otherwise.)
  • Having to learn something that you never wanted to but have had to take time away from what you want to do now helps you have more security and understanding so you can be more responsible, experiencing better results. (This can be technology, money, relationships...for me, it's touched on them all!)

Just as Ralph Waldo Emerson says, all things have contributed to your advancement, so we must practice gratitude for it all. Grateful for it all as on the way instead of in the way. These challenges I'm experiencing are growing me to the greater heights I want to live, so instead of stressing and hating it, I must practice gratitude.

I am here to inspire you to dive deeper in your gratitude this holiday and every day from here on out. See all things as contributing to your advancement, even when it doesn't feel like it. Count it all love. Count it all joy.

What has been a challenge lately that you haven't expressed gratitude for? Even if you can't see how what's happening in contributing to your advancement, count it a blessing. "Thank you for this delay." "Thank you for this challenge, it's growing me." "Thank you for this lesson, I have learned and am a better person now."

Let your gratitude expand on this holiday as well as everyday. We are here to love and be loved. We are here to live in joy.

I am grateful for you dear reader. For all of my clients, mentors, friends, family, and supporters whether near or far, from this age or another. You enrich my life by the lessons that come, the calling to share and lead, but most of all the trust you've put in me. My prayer is always to be more grateful and to aspire to all that life is calling. Let us enjoy the journey together.



How to Increase Focus and Let Go of What’s Stopping You

Posted by Donna Vail on September 13, 2016  /   Posted in Conscious Parenting, Entrepreneurship, Live More, Work Life Balance

How to Increase Focus and Let Go of What's Stopping You

At the end of the day are you feeling stressed, burned out, out of focus or exhausted, barely able to finish out the high demands of the end of the day? Is it hard to wake up in the morning, when you don’t even feel rested, knowing the demands of the day will press you once again? That’s because you’re either/and/or trying to do too much, you’re overbooked, on sensory overload and multi-tasking.

Don't worry, you're not alone. Parents are carrying a heavy load with taking care of the basic necessities, work, parenting, homeschooling, and life. This is something most people are challenged by. Unless we've been taught how to manage effectively, the challenges arise so we can navigate better. It's not about you being good enough or smart enough, a lot of it is about how we're wired, our environment and navigating in a respectful way. Respectful to others  but first to ourselves.

Our brains can only manage so much however with our great technology and innovations making it easier to be plugged in 24/7. Thus, it becomes easier to get run down, have unreal expectations and feel defeated. Before we even realize it we’re reaching for more. We’ve become addicted to multiple stimuli and the adrenaline rush experienced every time we get stimulated by our devices or multi-tasking or split-attention. Our adrenaline bank is not for day to day over-stimulation, it’s for emergencies, and to keep you safe for a quick response when needed.

The only way to break these cycles and get your life back is Read More

Create Balance with a Family Rhythm

Posted by Donna Vail on January 21, 2015  /   Posted in Conscious Parenting, Learn More, Lifestyle, Live More

happy young family have fun on beachIt feels good to be getting into the flow of the New Year. With a few weeks under my belt I've felt the need to adjust some days while others flowed very well. I would have to say the key elements to propel forward with inspiring days are

  • Clarity
  • Highest Values Integration
  • Commitment and Consistency

It also doesn't hurt that I have three people I'm accountable to so I am held to my practices and productivity. Don't forget about accountability --it's king!

One of the basic tools I use to get the flow with living and learning is my family rhythm. I've chucked the schedule to be in flow with the natural family rhythm that otherwise so many times in the past we pressed against experiencing pressure and stress.

This Saturday I'm going to be speaking on this very thing, How to Create a Family Rhythm and I sure hope that you can come.
Read More

Happy Thanksgiving From Our House to Yours

Posted by Donna Vail on November 28, 2014  /   Posted in Learn More, Lifestyle, Live More, Love More, My Life

Autumn Appalachian Trail Foggy Nature Blue Ridge Fall FoliageToday we have great celebrations in our home, both the Thanksgiving holiday with our loved ones as well as my husband's birthday, which this year falls on Thanksgiving day.

It took several days of planning, preparation and long hours of cooking yet through it all I found myself diving into deep thoughts like "I am purposeful and present for my family."  And so this becomes my mantra, grounding me to be fully present and purposeful for and with my family.

Through it all I'm noticing and paying attention to the family dynamics, how truly balanced we are together, even when it doesn't seem so. In between the demands of coordinating and moments where stress could have easily taken over we have to stay focused on the unity of love and abundance.

As the holiday passes we are still left with the opportunity to practice this continued gratitude in all we do as well as share it with others. It's the way we live and the way we love.

I am especially grateful to be here with you and even though this year has been quite a challenge for me and my health, it has brought so much new light and love to my life so I am now able to be more on purpose and see it all as love.

I care so deeply for people, it is my magnum opus to serve your highest good. There's so much goodness. So much to be grateful for. So much to look forward to. Let's learn and grow together!

I truly wish you a very blessed Thanksgiving that is filled with an abundance of gratitude, love and priceless moments with your loved ones; from our house to yours.
Peace and love,





Radio Show: 10 Tips to Create Financially Successful Kids

Posted by Donna Vail on September 07, 2013  /   Posted in Learn More, Live More, Love More, Media

vail-player-wide-promo240px03.12.2011 - Hosted by Donna Vail with guest Patti Handy

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Show Description:

How many times growing up did you hear “we can’t afford that”, “we aren’t made out of money” and “money doesn’t grow on trees”? Money management is one of the most important skills you teach your children, but extremely challenging if you were never taught yourself. Like it or not money touches practically everything we do. It enables us to acquire goods and services, food, shelter and the basic necessities of life. With ample supply we are able to provide a comfortable life for our children and set aside funds for retirement. Join Donna Vail and her guest, Patti Handy as they discuss ways your children can be money-smart, money-responsible, and money-independent. Listen in to hear discussion on topics every parent struggles with such as allowances, good spending habits, saving strategies and how to generate cash flow.

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