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12 Weeks Homeschool Expert Guidance 

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Do you want to implement An Inspired Education into your home but need a more do-it-yourself, within your budget option? Are you self-propelled willing to do more of the work on your own but still want to have your questions answered?

I’ve been where you stand, facing buying stacks of curriculum, spending hours on end figuring it all out while still missing precious and valuable time with your children trying to make it work.

Children grow fast and while they’re growing we don’t want to miss the windows of time for learning. We also don’t want to create a time of emergence when they’re older without the knowledge or skills they need. Time is of high value because once we spend it, we never get it back, so as a mom we have to spend it very wisely. And then there’s a buying of the excellent education you want your child to have but you’re grasping at straws spending a lot of money without a tried and tested plan.

I recently took another look into curriculum companies. When we began in 1995 a year-in-a-box was $350/$400. Now in 2015, it’s right at $800/$1000. And yes, I’m still talking about one year for one child. I’ve learned over the years, through trial and error, extensive research and a lot of investing in mentors and time with professors that education does not have to cost this much. In fact, you’re children can get a scholarly education that more than equips them for their future at a fraction of the cost.

In home education, really the biggest factor that’s not bargained for is the learning curve, parent training and guidance that is necessary for the results most parents desire. Are you willing to do the work? Are you coachable? Are you self-motivated to stay on point and ask for help when necessary? Are you willing to spend the time knowing exactly what to work on when with Donna’s guidance? Are you ready to create the results you desire?

This 12-week program is designed with you in mind. You won’t go it alone, you’ll have Donna to coach you on ,your focus priorities, answer your questions and provide you the additional resources you won’t find available elsewhere, while also honoring the family budget.

Donna guides moms on how to let go of the “schoolish” practices holding them back by embracing self-education and a learning lifestyle that supports the whole family. She helps you find the everyday path to fulfill your desire to home educate while also fulfilling your purpose through art, service, work or a home business.

As in all her work, Donna guides you in creating a true freedom lifestyle. The goal in Donna’s home education coaching is to empower you for long term, knowing how to take your children through to upper learning without purchasing boxes of expensive curriculum or tied to long-term expensive services. Every child deserves education excellence, let Donna show you how the resources are already available to you.

When you work with Donna she will customize all work according to your needs, moving at your pace, diving in deep to create the transformation you desire. During the twelve week period she’ll guide you from where you begin in a selection of topics from below that can be implemented within the time-frame for maximum results.

Family Centeredness and Personal Development:

  • Family Centered Education
  • Highest Values Determination and Linking
  • Family Rhythm and Navigating Life Balance
  • Burnout Prevention
  • Living with Transitions and Change
  • Self-Education and Purposeful Living
  • Self-Educator’s Study Book
  • Creating Habits for Daily Success

Philosophy and Lifestyle of Learning

  • Vision with a Global Education for Global Living
  • Lifestyle of Learning
  • An Inspiring Learning Environment
  • Core, Practices and Explorations
  • Customized Targeted Learning
  • Seeing the Genius with the Learning Pie
  • Creating a Course of Study
  • Flow and Grow Chart
  • Learning Pie
  • Legalities

Mentoring and Parenting

  • Becoming the Mentor Instead of Teaching, Letting Go of Schooling and all the Struggle
  • Developing a Mentor Mindset
  • Mentor Meetings that Inspire
  • Parent Partnership with True Leadership


  • Math without Fear
  • Inspired to Read
  • Language Arts Made Simple
  • Additional Studies and Topics

While it’s physically impossible to move through this entire list of content within a 12 week period, clients have done so with private coaching within a 6-month period of time and continuing with support through the Inner Circle. A lot can be covered within a 12-week period if you’re willing to focus and maximize your time with Donna. This is where your journey to a lifestyle of learning begins.

By working with me closely one-on-one, I’ll hold your hand all the way through to the end. I will do everything I can to see that you get results from your investment with me. My goal is to set you up to homeschool for long-term without the need for continuous exasperated trainings, boxes of cumbersome curriculum and family budget breaking expenses. You’ll soon realize that even though our focus will be on your homeschool, lasting benefits will spill over into your parenting, marriage, relationships, personal/professional pursuits, and peace of mind.


  • One Initial Get Clear on Goals and Intentions Coaching Call session with Donna Vail for 60 minutes
  • Private Coaching Call Sessions Once-a-Month  with Donna Vail for 60 minutes each session
  • Inspired Action Steps Customized to your current needs for advancement
  • Access to Training Resources and Training as Needed including specific action steps for determined results
  • Weekly e-Journal progress and feedback process
  • Home Educators Get an Additional Focus Coaching Call Session with Donna for 90 minutes when you also Join An Inspired Education Inner Circle Yearly Membership; as well receiving all benefits of that program during course of one-on-one coaching you get the included Once-a-Month Group Call with Donna Vail within the Inner Circle Program. This gives you an additional call with Donna each month to get laser coaching and all your questions answered within that group. (Make sure to join the Inner Circle at

Private 12-Week One-On-One Coaching with Donna Vail, 12 Weeks Homeschool Expert Guidance program is valued at $1033. I only make it available to the first 8 clients because as you know while I’m working I’m also a homeschooling mother of six children. So I too have to balance, like I will teach you to do as well.

It is my absolute life purpose to help families transform so I have brought the investment down to honor family budgets because I don’t want anything to stand in the way of you and your family’s transformation, advancement and the legacy you are creating. Since we’ve already talked I know that we’re a match to work together on your homeschool and creating it into the everyday experience you desire with your children.

This 12 Weeks Homeschool Expert Guidance Program

is available this year only $497.00

or two installments of only $269


Remember, you are getting private one-on-one coaching with me personally on every call with the additional benefit of group coaching in between calls and all the value within the Inner Circle program as well. This is how we keep the cost as low as possible for the family budgets while also maximizing support to give you long term success.


lotusblue“Donna helped me define my goals so that I am living purposefully in all areas of my life. Her materials are wide ranging and thorough. It has reignited my love for self-education. I love the example it has set for my son, who now reads more than ever. From reading and studying her materials and personal feedback from Donna on coaching calls, I have seen successes in my business and home life. I am a better Mother than I was before the program, more patient and centered with my son. In work, I have more clarity about my message and what I am here to bring to the world.”

Stephanie James Hoffpauir, NCTM,

lotusblue“Within one and half weeks of homeschooling and working with Donna, my daughter, who had not wanted to leave school decided she never wanted to go back. I have re-discovered the inner-genius in my child that hand been stamped out in two and half years of school. Her confidence, sense of adventure, creativity, problem solving and reading skills have increased dramatically! Donna showed me excactly how to do it so that I wasn’t missing anything and alleviated all my fears. She respected my style at all times. She has a tremendous amount of knowledge and has been tireless in her efforts to support and assist me, answering endless questions in detail. Donna has empowered me so that we can go  forward confidently and independently.”

Anneliese Lucido, Homeschooling Mother of 3, Australia

lotusblue“This is our family’s first year educatig our children at home and before participaticipating in Donna’s Inner Circle I was completely overwhelmed and ready to give up. I have a degree in Elementary Education and my children and I were miserable. After just a few months of working with Donna and following her advice a calmness and sense of confidence came over me. It has changes my life. She has taught me to simplify and see my children in such a different light. My children are now reading constantly. If it weren’t for the last few months with Donna I can honestly say that I would probably be sending my children back to school next year.”

Carrie Koster, Homeschool, Work-at-Home Mom of 2,


This is more than you homeschooling, this encompasses the many facets of life you navigate as a mother and providing the family legacy you desire. We can never solve problems with the same mind that created them, we all need help and guidance to forge the way for ourselves and our family. I didn’t do it alone and now you don’t have to either.

If you have further questions, please contact me at

I look forward to working with you.

Peace and gratitude,


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