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Donna Vail can help you create the success you’ve been dreaming of! Donna2013

Donna believes the key to success in life is support structure that helps one navigate the challenges. Throughout her career, the guidance of mentors has been invaluable helping her grow and evolve personally and professionally. She is passionate about helping women gain clarity about their life’s purpose, empowering them to be greater service to their family and the world. Donna helps women balance motherhood, work, and education while reaching a place of inner fulfillment.

There’s been no better time in history than now for mothers to live balanced and fulfilled. No longer do you have to choose between a career, fulfilling your purpose or family. You can be true by living a balanced and purposeful life. Each of us have a special gift to share with the world. Donna can help you discover your special message leading you to the fulfillment you desire. In the process of getting your own clarity, you learn how to better communicate with your family to create family harmony.

Choose the Personalized Mentoring Program that’s best suited for you and your current focus.

mother helping happy daughter with homeworkOne-On-One Coaching

VIP Private 3 Month One-On-One Coaching with Donna Vail

Personal Coaching Intensive


This program is the most effective way to increase your personal development, skill and success. As moms we all work. Whether your focus is in home education, parenting, personal development or life purpose fulfillment, Donna coaches women to move forward by creating clarity and focus, reclaiming purpose and vision, strengthen ability to overcome challenges and move through change, overcome fears and obstacles, find resources to support change and purposeful living, while also balancing home and family.

This 3-month program is designed to flow in balance with the responsibilities and demands of motherhood while maximizing results.

Donna guides moms on how to let go of the “schoolish” practices holding them back by embracing self-education and a learning lifestyle that supports the whole family. She helps you find the everyday path to fulfill your desire to home educate while also fulfilling your purpose through art, work or a home business.

As in all her work, Donna guides you in creating a true freedom lifestyle. The goal in Donna’s home education coaching is to empower you for long term, knowing how to take your children through to upper learning without purchasing boxes of expensive curriculum or tied to long-term expensive services. Every child deserves education excellence, let Donna show you how the resources are already available to you.

When you work with Donna she will customize all work according to your needs, moving at your pace, diving in deep to create the transformation you desire. Her program can cover various topics listed below, always beginning where you stand with what you and your family needs.

Family Centeredness and Personal Development:

  • Family Centered Education
  • Highest Values Determination and Linking
  • Family Rhythm and Navigating Life Balance
  • Burnout Prevention
  • Living with Transitions and Change
  • Self-Education and Purposeful Living
  • Self-Educator’s Study Book
  • Creating Habits for Daily Success

Philosophy and Lifestyle of Learning

  • Vision with a Global Education for Global Living
  • Lifestyle of Learning
  • An Inspiring Learning Environment
  • Core, Practices and Explorations
  • Customized Targeted Learning
  • Seeing the Genius with the Learning Pie
  • Creating a Course of Study
  • Flow and Grow Chart
  • Learning Pie
  • Legalities

Mentoring and Parenting

  • Becoming the Mentor Instead of Teaching, Letting Go of Schooling and all the Struggle
  • Developing a Mentor Mindset
  • Mentor Meetings that Inspire
  • Parent Partnership with True Leadership


  • Math without Fear
  • Inspired to Read
  • Language Arts Made Simple
  • Additional Studies and Topics


While it’s physically impossible to move through this entire list of content within a 3-month period, clients have done so with private coaching within a 6-month period of time. Donna is not one to drown you with content but rather work for lasting change. This is where the magic lies as well as the lasting transformation.


  • Private Coaching Call Sessions Once-a-Week  with Donna Vail for 60 minutes each session
  • Inspired Action Steps Customized to your current needs for advancement
  • Access to Resources and Training as Needed including specific action steps for determined results
  • Weekly e-Journal progress and feedback process
  • Home Educators Get Access to An Inspired Education Inner Circle and all benefits of that program during course of one-on-one coaching

Your One Time Investment is only $1197.00 

3 Easy Monthly Installments of only $427



Friends girlsInspired Group Experience

Gather a group of 8 or more and save!

Groups of 8 or more people may be able to qualify as a package discount. Groups get a customized experience by gathering around a particular topic as a workshop or 10-week study, in-person or online. Topics can include:

  • Discovering your life purpose
  • Creating a family rhythm
  • How to be an inspiring mentor instead of a teacher
  • Burnout prevention
  • Creating parent partnerships with your children
  • How to self-educate math without fear
  • Customized targeted learning
  • Language arts made simple
  • Productivity for Moms
  • Household resolutions
  • Money mastery
  • Developing yourself personally and professionally

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Results Speak, Praise for Donna

TinaBrown120“I loved every minute of working with Donna and in her training modules.  Donna helped me figure out what my highest values were and those for my children.  She also helped me identify what areas of my education were holding me back from teaching my children effectively. As a result of working with Donna, I am much calmer.  I feel like I can take care of my dreams and desires and still mentor my children.  Our days are much calmer and the children and I don’t argue as much because they understand their educational goals and they still have time to be inspired.  I chose to homeschool not because I wanted my children to receive the same quality of education as their peers in the classroom.  Rather I wanted their education to far exceed their peers, not only in academics but also in the areas of their lives that they care about the most.  I am no longer exhausted and have the patience and time to give my children what they need emotionally and in their education.  I am also free to help my husband with his business ventures.  I feel that my children and I will be able to live our dreams of homeschooling and being together until my children move on to higher education.  I feel that they will be well equipped, if not more equipped, for their lives as adults. My advice for those thinking of working with Donna is just do it and take advantage of creating a homeschool that fits your dreams!  I wish that I wouldn’t have waited that year to call Donna.”  –Tina Brown, Work-at-Home mother of 2


CarrieKoster“This is our family’s first year educating our children at home and before participating in Donna’s  Mentor Mastery Inner Circle I was completely overwhelmed and ready to give up.  I have a degree in Elementary Education and even thought I knew it was wrong to try to re-create school at home, but this is what I was doing.  My children and I were miserable.   I came across Donna’s website and was instantly taken by her advice. And after just a few months of working with Donna and following her advice a calmness and sense of confidence came over me. It has changed my life. She has taught me to simplify and see my children in such a different light.  My children are now reading constantly.  If it weren’t for the last few months with Donna I can honestly say that I would probably be sending my children back to school next year.  My advice for those thinking of working with Donna is to spend time reading her blog, listening to her interviews and joining her Inner Circle.  She is always available and whenever I am having a problem or a bad day, I know that I can rely on her to help me.” –Carrie Koster, Work-at-Home Mom of 2,


stephaniehoffpauir“Donna’s More for Mom program has helped me define my goals so that I am living purposefully in all areas of my life. Her materials are wide ranging and thorough. The calls on each topic go in depth to the written material. It has reignited my love for self-education. I love the example it has set for my son, who now reads more than ever. From reading and studying her materials and personal feedback from Donna on coaching calls, I have seen successes in my business and home life. I am a better mother than I was before the program, more patient and centered with my son. In work, I have more clarity about my message and what I am here to bring to the world. The binder I created with all my notes and materials from the program will serve me for years to come. I love bringing it to the cafe, taking time to journal and reflect and take my studies to the deepest level possible. I will continue to do so long after the program has ended.” –Stephanie James Hoffpauir, NCTM, mother of 1,


AndreaRichardsScott“I had the pleasure of experiencing Donna Vail’s More for Mom Life Mastery Coaching Program.  Donna has a calm and easy way of sharing vital information with her audience.  During the program I received life changing information about relationships, parenting, self-care, productivity, improving home life, financial matters and personal development.  Any one of these topics would have made the program valuable but when taken together, they provide a comprehensive system that enabled me to take a really good look at my life and decide where to prioritize.  Donna’s insights are not just academic, she shares techniques drawn from her personal experiences.  I especially liked the Q&A sessions, Donna’s format of showing up and creating a space for the participants to discuss whatever was going on for them made the program come alive.  As a result of going through Donna’s program, I’ve begun to see some real shifts in my life.  I’ve stopped pushing and struggling and started focusing on what’s really important in my life…faith, family, health, and purpose.  If you’re thinking about taking Donna’s program, don’t hesitate.  Her warm open approach will guide you as you embrace the next step in your life.” –Andrea Richards Scott, mother of 1, ARS Professional Development,


TinaChin“Before working with Donna I felt like I was in the dark with home schooling. We had been homeschooling for a year and felt that the kids were not doing anything. As I worked with Donna my confidence grew to know that it is okay for us not to recreate school at home as our kids had been at school. As a result,  I am more relaxed and I realize that the kids are learning every day. I just have to create an environment for them to learn, allow the kids to flow with their values and enjoy learning in the areas that they are most interested in so they thrive. Working with Donna was a smart investment in myself, our homeschool and our family. Donna has such a passion to help families to grow. She is patient and knowledgeable. She walks her talk and is a great listener. I always felt inspired and hopeful after our sessions. Whenever I felt too exhausted and hopeless, a session with Donna gave me a leap in my step again.” –Tina Chin, mother of 3, Australia


OliviaMyles“Joining and participating in Donna’s More for Mom Life Mastery Coaching Program was an easy decision for me because at the time I was a new mom again, my children were 8 and a newborn.  During Donna’s program I received a new appreciation for being a Mom. I learned balance. I learned that it was okay to have some me time. I learned how to be the mom my children needed me to be even though they both needed me in a different way. I learned how to effectively manage my time to represent what works best for our family.  As a result of implementing the Donna’s teachings, I now understand that no family is a cookie cutter family, and what works best for me may not work best for everybody and it’s okay for me to continue to work with my family uniquely in what works best for us.   If you’re thinking about working with Donna, take the course! Don’t delay! You won’t regret it.” –Olivia Myles, mother of 2, Texas


VivianPortis“Donna Vail is an amazing coach. Working with her has surpassed my expectations. As a single mother of three boys, Donna has helped me in work-life balance as well as to take my knowledge and build a business from conception to reality. I highly recommend Donna if you’re serious about moving towards your visions and goals.” –Vivian Portis, mom of 3, Entrepreneur, Success Coach and Speaker,




docgallagher“Donna, I have been reviewing the academic and learning lifestyle you have prepared for my children and as someone who has a degree in education, you know more than most professors out there about education.” –W. Neil Gallagher, PhD, The Money Doctor,





lovelivelearnmore logo 120“Discovering Donna, and investing in her Mentoring Program has been such a blessing! My daughter was attending year one at a wonderful private Catholic school and I became increasingly concerned about safety due to an ongoing building project. Having discovered Donna by pure chance and having her restore my confidence, we took the leap into homeschooling with Donna by our sides. Within one and half weeks of homeschooling, my daughter, who had not wanted to leave school decided she never wanted to go back. I have re-discovered the inner-genius in my child that had been stamped out in two and half years of school. Her confidence, sense of adventure, creativity, problem solving and reading skills have increased dramatically! While she was an above average performer in most things at school, she is now at least a year ahead after only three months of homeschooling. We receive endless comments on her behavior and maturity. Donna gave me the confidence to bring my child home from school and to keep my other two from ever entering school. She showed me exactly how to do it so that I wasn’t missing anything. She supported me, alleviating all my fears. She inspired me. She guided me every step of the way, helping to choose the right books, not only for my children but also for myself. She respected my style at all times. She has a tremendous amount of knowledge across the board, with regards to homeschooling and all the different approaches. She has been tireless in her efforts to support and assist me, answering endless questions in detail. She has a beautiful heart and spirit which is clearly evident in the way she communicates. She radiates calm and encourages me when things are seemingly not going so well and I feel tired or discouraged. Donna has empowered me so that we can go forward confidently and independently. But, I also know, that should we ever hit a stumbling block, Donna will be there for us. Donna’s Mentoring Program has been the best investment I have made in homeschooling.” –Anneliese Lucido, Homeschooling Mother of 3, Australia



lovelivelearnmore logo 120“Before I met Donna Vail I felt overwhelmed at the idea of educating my 4 children. Through Donna’s workshop, she helped me to have confidence in what I already knew and added to it without overwhelming me. The result was a much more peaceful and unified approach to learning that fit right in with our family’s lifestyle. Donna has a lot to offer other homeschooling parents. I have seen the results and firmly believe in the ability of children to educate themselves with the guidance of their parents in an inspiring way that will last a lifetime.” –Krisondra Prinkey, Homeschool Mom of 4, Lindale, Texas



lovelivelearnmore logo 120“You share such true wisdom and are so inspiring. Thank you for the guidance with Math, I’m actually excited about starting.” –Miriam Fernandez, Homeschooling Mom, Miami, Florida





lovelivelearnmore logo 120“I wanted to make sure you are aware of how grateful I am for you providing me with such personal attention. You’re a great resource for someone like me who is just beginning the cycle of educating my children and I appreciate you and your message.” –Marty Anderson, Entrepreneur and Dad of 2, Canada

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