August 20, 2016  

Local Classes: Living Wisdom Homeschool Center

You’re not meant to do it all or homeschool your children alone. Even when I began homeschooling in 1995, while it was still underground and socially unacceptable, there was a small group of homeschoolers I found to help me with my own homeschool. Fortunately, over the years, more resources and opportunities have come available. It’s very important to be connected to others and received the guidance you need to provide the education you truly desire for your children.

Over the years through my own deep dive studies, taking specialized training, and receiving the guidance of mentors, I have a specific vision, beliefs, and method for educating a child as a whole. It honors the child in living his natural born life purpose as well as the family as a whole. Recently, I’ve had the great honor to meet the people who share like education and living philosophies, so we’ve connected to create something especially wonderful in the Dallas/Fort Worth area; Living Wisdom Homeschool Center.

Our first semester will begin soon, only to grow and blossom from there forward. This is the place I’ve dreamed of years ago, sketching it on a piece of paper, wondering how far down the road I would need to be before it came to life. Now, look! Here I am!

As we are dotting our i’s and crossing our t’s, getting everything set up, webmasters busy and on task, registration will open within the next week. I just couldn’t wait to share it with you and make sure you marked the dates.

Below, I’m sharing our offerings. Please, if you have any questions, want your spot held for your children or want a reminder just as soon as registration opens, email me at donna@donnavailinternational.com.

I look forward to seeing you there!

If you’re not local to DFW and would like to find out how you can get more support in your homeschool, send me an email as well. I’m in spirit and service for you and your family. It’s what I was called to do and I love my work!

About the Living Wisdom Homeschool Center

Living Wisdom Homeschool Center serves homeschooling children and their families of all ages with classes, guidance, support and community. Centered on the principles of Education for Life, an educational system that integrates academic achievement with a deeper and more holistic focus on maturity, defined as the ability to relate appropriately to realities different from one’s own.  It balances curriculum excellence with a supportive and nurturing environment. Families gain the community support necessary to raise smart, happy, confident, caring children.

Our Homeschool Center provides an inspiring and rich educational experience for children and their families in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We focus on academia that is high quality and effective while also seeing the children as whole with a great potential to learn and grow. Our focus is to provide students with a balanced education with the tools of maturity:  body, feelings, will and intellect, in preparation for using life’s diverse challenges to discover deeper levels of purpose, meaning and happiness. Our philosophies and practices are to bring out each individual’s unique strengths, curiosity, creativity, and enthusiasm.

Our focus on family-centered learning empowers all members not only to thrive in this environment and at home but also to expand their consciousness to encompass the community and the world at large. We understand the current education crisis and support families who have decided to take personal responsibility in the educating and bringing up their children. We support you in family-centered education, working with children’s wholeness, developing the ability to absorb, understand, integrate, engage, express and apply information and knowledge intelligently with purpose and soul.

Our vision does not stop with academia and wholeness for children but also supports parents, teachers, and schools with comprehensive principles of Education for Life, not limited to education pursuits but applicable to all areas of life because it’s all connected and relative within the wholeness of life.

The Living Wisdom Homeschool Center partners with our local family support network, Families for a New Tomorrow, and is an extension of the Living Wisdom Schools and Education for Life.


All classes meet at Ananda Dallas Meditation and Yoga Center

4901 Keller Springs Road, #103, Addison, Texas 75001

Fall 2016 Classes and Support Offerings





Ages: All students in pre-algebra/algebra

Instructor: Jessica Cagle

Bring your own appropriate math curriculum. This s a group tutorial and dependent on individual student need.

Classes Meet at Ananda Center Dallas, on Mondays, 11:00a-12:00 noon,

Sept 26, Oct 3, 17, 24, 31, Nov 7, 14, 28 


Fee for Pre-Algebra and Algebra with Joy!:


Upon payment, for the class, your seat will be reserved and additional details will be provided.





Teens, Ages 12-17

Instructor: Donna Vail

Writing is an essential skill that must be cultivated respectively. Unlike speaking, writing gets complicated from the get go when a child is faced to put an idea into words and then the words onto paper. While it sounds uncomplicated, young writers need time and practice to become fluent in writing and how to construct writing.

In this class we’ll cover pre-rhetoric skills in organization, outlining, sentence structure, points of view, narrative summaries, biographical sketches, sequences and note taking. Students will learn how to write with skill by using imitation and analysis of great writers of the classics including composition exercises in history, science, biography and literature.

Time in class will be spent on lessons, reviewing work, sharing writings with each other, requiring students to participate actively. Students will be required to write each day between class, submitting outlines, summaries, and narratives weekly.

Once a week meetings in small class size, the instructor will be available to students outside of class time during office hours for questions and guidance.

Weekly writing assignments review and feedback.

Course Objectives:

  • Sentence structures
  • Narrative Summaries
  • Outlining
  • Scientific Descriptions
  • Chronological Narratives of a Scientific Discovery
  • Description of a Person
  • Using Metaphors
  • Learn how to receive and want constructive feedback to make your writing better


Why Should You Take This Course:

  • Acquire the skill of writing, both essential for short and long-term success into your current homeschool, life learning, relationships, work, college and beyond
  • Learn to write better, communicate and express your message to others more clearly
  • If you’re reluctant to write, just getting started or even want to improve your writing skills while receiving group and mentor support

Note from Donna: I’m providing this opportunity in a small environment incorporating group learning and self-education practices in a mentor style that nurtures your child to writing successfully. This is not a classroom-led approach but each student will be expected to complete and turn in assignments. I’ll always meet your child where they stand and nurture them to grow in knowledge, skill, and confidence.


Classes Meet at Ananda Center Dallas, on Mondays, 1:00-2:30p,

Sept 26, Oct 3, 17, 24, 31, Nov 7, 14, 28 


Text and Materials:

Course of Study (provided)

Writing Text (provided)

Notebook, 8 dividers, notebook paper, pen/pencil

Laptops welcome if you prefer


Fee for Expository Writing Course:

$175, add $25 text (returning students bring text from previous class)

Upon payment, for the class, your seat will be reserved and additional details will be provided.

This class is limited to 12 students.



Explorations in Nature Study

The Natural World and Mindfulness

Intergenerational, Ages 8 and up

Instructor: Donna Vail

This is a nature study and journaling class focusing on experiencing nature, awareness, collecting, drawing, journaling and the practice of mindfulness for connection and quality of living. We will journey through our connection to nature as human beings, awaken to wondrous natural world through observation, collection, drawing and journaling, look deeper into nature to the unfolding of the diversity of life, create individual practices to integrate into everyday living with long-term goal in mind, use these practices and nature to manage stress and challenges that arise in everyday living and how nature can help us better express our depth of purposeful living.

Weekly time in nature, as well as collection between classes, will be encouraged.

Why Should You Take This Course:

  • Realize the depth of necessity nature plays in our everyday life
  • Learn to journal, draw and express better creatively
  • Become skillful at navigating and managing every day busyness, stress and challenges with skill learned in this class


Classes Meet at Ananda Center Dallas, on Mondays, 3:00-4:00p,

Sept 26, Oct 3, 17, 24, 31, Nov 7, 14, 28 


Text and Materials:

Course of Study (provided)

Text, References (provided)

Nature Journal (provided)

Pencil, pen, colored pencils, eraser, glue stick, one roll double-stick tape, carry all in a bag that can be easily brought on excursions into nature. Also, feel free to bring camera, or use the one on phone or iPod/device to collect images.

Fee for The Natural World and Mindfulness Course:

$85, add $20 journal/supplies

Upon payment, for the class, your seat will be reserved and additional details will be provided.





Global Elementary Model United Nations

Ages 8-15

Instructor: Maitri Smithhisler


GEMUN is an excellent hands-on approach to learning in a global context. Together in this class, students select a member country of the UN and study it in depth. They look at culture, politics, environment, arts and science, geology etc., of that particular country. It is as if they become a citizen of the country selected!


Students create a visual display of their country for the conference. At the same time, they study the workings of the UN and it various committees and functions while also mastering the “language” of the UN.  This is accomplished in class as well as through practice sessions that occur throughout the year combined with other delegations. This preparation culminates in a two-day Model United Nations session at ear by Brookhaven College May 12-13th.


Students immensely enjoy the collegiate setting while participating in the GEMUN conference. Due to the authentic nature of the material and assignments, they see direct application of the information to their daily lives, the problems in the world and their surrounding environment


By role-playing delegates to the United Nations, young people from varied backgrounds learn about other countries, cultures, and international relationships, while developing a global perspective on real issues confronting the world community today, and acquiring many transferable, critical thinking skills. Learn more about GEMUN here: http://www.gemun.org



Course Objectives:

  • Learn in depth about a specific country and its role in the context of our global community
  • Understand more completely the complexity of global issues from different perspectives
  • Understand the dynamics and role of the United Nations
  • Develop more fully writing and critical thinking skills
  • Develop more fully the art of constructive dialogue and public debate
  • It is as if they become a citizen of the country selected.



  • Promotes awareness of global issues, current events and other cultures
  • Develops transferable skills
  • Sharpens leadership, communication and public speaking skills
  • Encourages understanding of geography
  • Demonstrates the importance of exchanging ideas and cooperating in pursuit of common goals
  • Sparks independent motivation
  • Educates youth in the activities of the United Nations’ System
  • Provides opportunity to role-play representatives of a nation’s government and interests
  • Initiates constructive interchange on diverse world issues
  • Facilitates opportunity for peer interaction
  • Best of all, students have FUN while all these educational benefits are taking place!



Must be able to attend BOTH days of the GEMUN conference (Friday and Saturday, May12-13th) as well as at least one Saturday morning practice session during the year (dates to be announced)

Pages- ability to read

Delegates- reading and writing basics, and interest in public speaking recommended



Classes Meet at Ananda Center Dallas, on Mondays, 4:15-5:15p,

Sept 26, Oct 3, 17, 24, 31, Nov 7, 14, 28 


Text and Materials:

GEMUN conference registration (provided)

Course Manual, References (provided)

Sponsor Registration (provided)

Display Supplies (provided)

Fee for GEMUN course:

$60, add $50 registration/manual/sponsor/supplies

Upon payment, for the class, your seat will be reserved and additional details will be provided.



Yoga and Meditation for Kids (and adults!)

Intergenerational, Ages 8 and up

 Instructor: Maitri Smithhisler


In this overstimulated, increasingly electronic culture we live, we are all exposed to stresses that simply didn’t exist even a decade ago. Yoga combined with meditation practices is the perfect “hygiene” for our nervous systems. Research has shown that these practices can increase concentration, critical thinking, creativity, and overall well-being. In this class students will learn and practice yoga skills that will serve them not only now but for their entire lifetimes.

Prerequisites: the willingness to learn!
Classes Meet at Ananda Center Dallas, on Mondays, Noon-1:00p,

Sept 26, Oct 3, 17, 24, 31, Nov 7, 14, 28 



Bring your own yoga mat

Fee for Yoga and Meditation for Kids course:


Upon payment, for the class, your seat will be reserved and additional details will be provided.

The registration page will be released for registration to begin Wednesday, August 24th. Yearly registration fee per family $30. 




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