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Posted by Donna Vail on August 20, 2016  /   Posted in Academics, Donna Recommends, Learn More

Local Classes: Living Wisdom Homeschool Center

You're not meant to do it all or homeschool your children alone. Even when I began homeschooling in 1995, while it was still underground and socially unacceptable, there was a small group of homeschoolers I found to help me with my own homeschool. Fortunately, over the years, more resources and opportunities have come available. It's very important to be connected to others and received the guidance you need to provide the education you truly desire for your children.

Over the years through my own deep dive studies, taking specialized training, and receiving the guidance of mentors, I have a specific vision, beliefs, and method for educating a child as a whole. It honors the child in living his natural born life purpose as well as the family as a whole. Recently, I've had the great honor to meet the people who share like education and living philosophies, so we've connected to create something especially wonderful in the Dallas/Fort Worth area; Living Wisdom Homeschool Center.

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Are You Doing Enough for Your Child’s Education?

We are living in a world where we feel like we’re not enough and fearful our children won’t learn enough to be smart enough and successful enough. Gone are the days when we went to school, where you attended not only core classes but also classes on botany, ceramics and creative writing then, getting out in the afternoon to ride your bike all over creation with your friends. Now we can’t seem to pack enough into a child’s day with high demands in school, piles of homework and the multiple extra-curricular events, classes, and programs. Creativity, reflection, and thought have no time or space in this new way of education. Even the in-school art classes are high demand and deadline oriented putting great strains on creativity.

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Parenting, Homeschooling and Weight Loss

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I went through a period of time in my life when my health wasn't so well and I was over weight. I got so stressed about how much weight I had gained, I stopped getting on the scale when I reached the 200 pound mark. I know I gained some after that.

Thankfully I met a very vibrant and gracious woman who told me I should meet the man who helped her cure her breast cancer. I knew that if he helped her with something as serious and advanced as cancer, he could easily help me with weight, allergies and nagging health issues. I was also concerned because I had high blood pressure during the birth of my second child and now pregnant with my third; I wanted to have an uncomplicated home birth.

During my first trimester I met with Verne Varona and he got me on track immediately. In fact now when I look at this picture, I'm amazed because that was just a year after meeting Verne. My little Lauren was born in March 1998, after having met Verne in the September prior and this picture is in following August 1998. I didn't use any fad diets, drinks, or pills and did it while raising my first two children, pregnant, homeschooling, being a housewife and all of life demands. The biggest key was having Verne's expert guidance, accountability and support. Everyone should have someone to help guide them through the process.

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Sign Up Now for Donna's Winter Local Classes

This winter and spring I'm offering three classes locally. Morning session will be for children ages 6-12 and afternoon sessions will be for the teens. Registration is open until January 20th and classes begin on February 1st.

Geography Through Literature, History, Natural Science and Art 10:00a - 12 noon

This course is a beautiful Inspired Education approach to integrated subject learning. It’s all about the love of learning and seeing how everything relates and is tied together. Our focus will be on quality and love of learning. Click the link for full details.


zirve maceras ve baarsn kutlamakPersonal Leadership B for Teens 1:00p - 2:00p

This course dives into leadership through mindset and success practices. Students will be working on being the inventor of their life and responsible for the daily actions, attitudes and practices to see it through. Click the link for full details.


desk.Expository Writing for Teens 3:00p - 4:15p

In this class we’ll cover building skills in organization, sentence structures, narrative summaries, chronological narratives and descritpions. Plus one- and two- level outlining, thesaurus use and documentation. Students will learn how to write with skill by using imitation and analysis of great writers of the classics including composition exercises in history, science, biography and literature. Click the link for full details.


If you have questions, please contact me directly,

I’m looking foward to working with you and your children!



Posted by Donna Vail on December 02, 2015  /   Posted in Conscious Parenting, Love More

I Let Them See Me Cry

Today share with you the importance of homeschooling and raising your children in the middle of life unfolding every day. Handling them with kid gloves, protecting them from seeing you in the different levels of emotions can actually hold them back in life and possibly become a stumbling block for them.

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