January 21, 2016  

Parenting, Homeschooling and Weight Loss

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I went through a period of time in my life when my health wasn’t so well and I was over weight. I got so stressed about how much weight I had gained, I stopped getting on the scale when I reached the 200 pound mark. I know I gained some after that.

Thankfully I met a very vibrant and gracious woman who told me I should meet the man who helped her cure her breast cancer. I knew that if he helped her with something as serious and advanced as cancer, he could easily help me with weight, allergies and nagging health issues. I was also concerned because I had high blood pressure during the birth of my second child and now pregnant with my third; I wanted to have an uncomplicated home birth.

During my first trimester I met with Verne Varona and he got me on track immediately. In fact now when I look at this picture, I’m amazed because that was just a year after meeting Verne. My little Lauren was born in March 1998, after having met Verne in the September prior and this picture is in following August 1998. I didn’t use any fad diets, drinks, or pills and did it while raising my first two children, pregnant, homeschooling, being a housewife and all of life demands. The biggest key was having Verne’s expert guidance, accountability and support. Everyone should have someone to help guide them through the process.

It’s really easy to get too busy, have plenty of excuses about time, food and thinking through how to lose weight or create the health you desire. I raise my hand as guilty of this for a fair amount of time. But there came a time in my life I knew I was at a turning point, I had to do it so I had the vibrancy to live the life I wanted to live, for myself as well as my family.

It’s all about not using our children or how busy we’ve let ourselves become as excuses. It’s about recognizing the life lessons that pour in every day are just as much for us as they are for our children.

I’m going to leave it right here and let you pick up the rest of the story in this audio interview with Stephanie Hoffpauir, the Peaceful Weightloss Coach. I highly recommend Stephanie if you’d like to explore a balanced approach to weight loss. She’s done the work herself, personally and professionally as well as trained with Verne Varona, who helped me. Visit Stephanie at

IGNITE YOUR WEIGHT LOSS, Stephanie Hoffpauir interviews Donna Vail on Parenting, Weight Loss, and Homeschooling

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