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In 1995 I began homeschooling. That’s twenty years ago when resources such as support groups and other homeschool families were hard to find. The Internet was in its infancy, Google did not exist and of the search engines that were available, the homeschooling content an Internet search did return was marginal at best. Fast forward to 2015 and families face a completely opposite set of challenges. Instead of too little information, families new to homeschooling are overwhelmed with too many options, flooding them with too much information.

Without the proper guidance and direction at such a crucial stage, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll experience stress, sleepless nights and relationship struggles with your spouse and children. You will be creating the very experience that you were trying to eliminate when deciding to homeschool in the first place. At this point, parents will often doubt their decisions and quit before they truly get going.



Is this resonating with you?

You’re deeply committed to homeschooling, but you’ve been unable to identify what’s holding you back from being more effective in your homeschooling and parenting. You’re arguing, fighting and have out of control days that make you explode to pieces. You just can’t seem to hold it all together, no matter how hard you try and how much you love them.

  • You’re covering a lot with long hours of research, but you feel as though you’re not connecting. You feel things are slipping through the cracks, but have no idea what or how to identify it. Are you leaving out components that will hinder their success? In essence, homeschooling has become an experiment. You’re exhausted from “making” your children do their work, being a slave to lesson plans and piles of “teacher” paperwork, tirelessly working into the night or neglecting it until it’s too late.
  • You’ve tried different curriculums, books and techniques, and none of them worked. Purchased stacks of curriculum attempting to “fix” the issues without success. You’re overwhelmed and possibly even ready to give up, but deep in your heart you don’t want to.
  • If only you could find a simplified, more loving approach to learning and living, you just know things would be better.
  • Are you a working parent, either in your own business or as an employee working from home? Just trying to make financial ends meet is a strain and to add homeschooling? If you think you can go it alone, you’re lying to yourself.

When You Work with Me

When you make the decision to hire me as your consultant, I will guide you down the right path with time-tested academics and whole-hearted parenting. I will help you restore peace and order to your homeschool experience. In time, you will see each of your children’s life purpose begin to emerge. They’ve been displaying it all along, but the stress of disorder and chaos has put blinders on the entire family. Working with me you’ll find your vision and learn how to give your children just what they need in order to cultivate and nurture their genius.

I will coach you on how to let go of the “teacher” mindset that has you standing in front of your children “teaching” school. You will also learn how to free yourself of expensive curriculums that eat both your money and your time and never seem to work for your children anyway. You will no longer be a slave to lesson plans and piles of paperwork. Virtually non-existent will be the fighting, arguing and multiple days that seem to just explode and fall apart. Are you ready to kiss it good-bye?

  • I balance my work with a handful of private consulting clients and my group programs so I can give everyone personalized solutions.
  • I bring all my private homeschool clients into my Inner Circle group program so you have the additional access to the courses, audios, resources and community I’ve been building over the last four years.
  • I have been homeschooling for 20 years and will be here for at least another 12 years to finish out the rest of my children. I’m not going anywhere so I’m here for the long-term. Not only for my children but also for you and your families because this is what I was born to do…create environments where everyone can learn and love can flow.
  • You’re never alone, I’m just an email away so we can seize the moments or ideas as they arise.

If you’re not quite ready for a private consulting program, but in need immediate clarity and specific direction, I also have one-time calls and the Inner Circle group available to fit your needs. If you’d like to create a study group of 8 or more we can gather around a particular topic as a workshop or 10-week study, in-person or online.

Topics I Cover Can Include:

  1. Discovering your life purpose and aligning daily life for fulfillment
  2. Creating a family rhythm for greater flow and productivity
  3. How to be an inspiring mentor instead of stressed out teacher
  4. Establishing burnout prevention and stress relief
  5. Creating parent partnership to be the parent you desire to be
  6. How to guide your children to self-educate math without fear
  7. Simplify and know you’re covering it all with customized targeted learning
  8. Language arts made simple, including guiding your children through writing
  9. Productivity for moms that keeps you inspired
  10. Household resolutions that bring you help when it feels like you’re the only one getting things done
  11. Secrets from the Wealthy on Money Mastery and Financial Success
  12. Developing Yourself Personally and Professionally


I’d Love to Talk with You

If any of this resonates with you, please reach out to me and tell me about what you would like to create in your homeschool and parenting by clicking the button below.

It’s completely complimentary, because I am so deeply convicted to help families create a harmony where love can flow and everyone can grow. It will be my pleasure to speak with you and help you create the homeschool and life you love.

It doesn’t take long when you work with me in coaching sessions, use the practical resources; the transformation is more than ever asked for or imagined, it’s priceless.

Fill out the contact form below and let’s talk. I will get back to you shortly.


Peace, Donna Vail

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