January 10, 2016  

Sign Up Now for Donna’s Winter Local Classes

This winter and spring I’m offering three classes locally. Morning session will be for children ages 6-12 and afternoon sessions will be for the teens. Registration is open until January 20th and classes begin on February 1st.

Geography Through Literature, History, Natural Science and Art 10:00a – 12 noon

This course is a beautiful Inspired Education approach to integrated subject learning. It’s all about the love of learning and seeing how everything relates and is tied together. Our focus will be on quality and love of learning. Click the link for full details.


zirve maceras ve baarsn kutlamakPersonal Leadership B for Teens 1:00p – 2:00p

This course dives into leadership through mindset and success practices. Students will be working on being the inventor of their life and responsible for the daily actions, attitudes and practices to see it through. Click the link for full details.


desk.Expository Writing for Teens 3:00p – 4:15p

In this class we’ll cover building skills in organization, sentence structures, narrative summaries, chronological narratives and descritpions. Plus one- and two- level outlining, thesaurus use and documentation. Students will learn how to write with skill by using imitation and analysis of great writers of the classics including composition exercises in history, science, biography and literature. Click the link for full details.


If you have questions, please contact me directly,

I’m looking foward to working with you and your children!


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