December 16, 2016  


When I had a houseful of littles, homeschooling, and living on a farm; I wished for just one day to myself when I could rest, catch up on housework or pressing projects, read a book or simply enjoy just a little pause in all there was to do.

All through the years, we lived far away from family help and once you have four or more children, finding a babysitter gets real challenging. It was much different in those days, not as many options as we have today but we always had great communities for activities, events, and friendships, we just did what we had to, taking care of the everyday. Actually, I feel like homeschooling helped enrich our living and made it more doable, especially all the years my husband traveled and worked long hours.

Now, my older children help me with youngers and I get out of the house on my own more often, including some solo business trips. Now I can take time to read or knit with more flexibility than the pressing needs of littles. Even though I wasn’t able to find a solution to get a full day off for us years ago, now, in collaboration with the Ananda Yoga Center of Dallas, we’re giving parent’s a day off, just like we wished we had. It’s such an honor to work with a team to provide not only children but the whole family with what they need.

This Winter/Spring 2017 semester, on Mondays, at the Living Wisdom Learning Center at the Ananda Yoga Center of Dallas, we are offering classes for children that allow parents to have a day off.  That all semester on Mondays!

When you enroll your children, we’re giving you an opening in your schedule that allows you time to yourself while knowing your children are well taken care of and thriving. You deserve a reprieve in your schedule, time off, a little break because after all, parenting and homeschooling your children is 24/7.

We know how much you put of yourself into everything you do. Now this is your time, all for you. Imagine having Monday’s to yourself.


Those very things you always mention when you say, “If I had time to myself I would…take a nap all day, read a good book, take a bubble bath uninterrupted, focus on that project that’s been waiting, have lunch with my sweetheart or best friend, or just catch my breath.”

Choose what works best for you; all day, mornings only or afternoon’s only. Finish off your day by joining us for our closing Music Meditation: Tuning Up Brain and Body that’s for the whole family.

Early bird registration ends December 16th. Regular registration open until January 9th. Find out more details and reserve your spot today! [click here]

The Living Wisdom Team looks forward to a fabulous and inspiring semester with you and your family. I can’t wait to see you there!

Love and peace,





PS. If you’re busy with the holidays, don’t forget, this would be a perfect gift for the whole family; kids learning, mama free time!! All mama’s dream about “just a day off” or “just a weekend away to sleep” or “help covering other subjects.”

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